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  Hayburner Excursions Chipotle peppers!  



Hayburner is located in the beautiful foothills near Paso Robles, California. You drive by a California Mission to get to the flying field at Star Farms. The farm itself is sown in sod and alfalfa, which is plowed or cut just prior to a launch. The main house is a mini mansion, with a swimming pond in front of it. The bathrooms, the barbecue area, the flight line--everything is compact and well-situated. The highlight of the day (other than the flights, of course) is the barbecue, which features numerous tri-tip roasts and lemon chicken. It was at one of these Santa Maria style barbecues that I first tasted chipotle peppers. Hot peppers and hot rockets! I definitely gained a new insight into California's Central Valley.

The one problem with Hayburner is their low flight ceiling, which is currently at 2500 feet. This limits creativity and will be a long-term problem for the Vaughn Brothers, who put on this two-day event twice a year. Otherwise, it's heavenly. When the weather is sunny, this is perhaps the nicest field in California. The spring flight is the first one of the year for many people, and the October event could be considered the year's finale.